About Me

I have had an interest in the swing since I was a kid. Problem is, I wasn’t good, so I became a voracious reader of instructional books. Every time I purchased a book about the baseball or golf swing, I would get so excited. I would have visions of hitting and ballstriking on a whole new level, and yet time and time again they let me down. As I got older, instead of “growing up” and finding different interests, I started to put more time into the swing. I would eventually start thinking about the swing all day long, obsessed with understanding it, and ultimately figuring it out. Most golfers and baseball players wouldn’t even think of the swing as something that can be figured out, but observations had made on the baseball fields and golf courses told me otherwise. I did think the swing could be figured out, and I bet my life on it. Thank goodness I found the answer and have now written a book. I wanted to become the first swing coach to write a book about the swing that does help. It’s the book I always wish I had growing up – a concise explanation of a great swing and how to achieve it. Swing Cheat Code is the first swing instruction book to actually deliver, and it will continue to deliver the more you work with it.

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