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"Cevallos told Zobrist he could turn him into a power hitter...The results have been remarkable." - ESPN The Magazine 
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Swing Cheat Code is like no other book ever written about the baseball swing. It shows you that improving your swing mechanics shouldn’t take months or weeks, but can happen in a single instant of understanding. 

In Swing Cheat Code you Will Get: 

The secret to the swing in less than 3000 words.

The Invisible Systems Working In A Great Swing That Make Hitting Home Runs Easier.

The single feeling that separates the greatest hitters of all time

The One Drill That Will Change Your Swing To Produce More Power And Consistency Right Now.

If your current baseball swing coach is talking about swing plain, exit velocity, and launch  angle, then he’s part of the “new school” and you are missing out on the biggest opportunity in baseball right now. You may think he’s giving you the latest and greatest information about swing mechanics, but I’m here to tell you he’s not. And I’ve done my homework. I’ve read all the popular books, I’ve gone to countless conventions and seminars and picked their brain. 

What I’m saying about swing mechanics is like no other swing coach on the planet. With ALL  the other swing coaches, and I mean EVERY OTHER ONE, you get the same thing - a hundred different swing thoughts and a hundred different parts of the body to think about. It all sounds good when they say it, but doesn’t do anything to improve your performance at the plate. So what good is it? You know who I’m talking about, the so-called “new school” wave of swing coaches in baseball. They’re killing your swing. 

You deserve more. You deserve better.

I’m not new school or old school. I’m in a league all by myself. You see, all other swing  coaches got their theories by studying other swing coaches. Not me. I got my theories through 20+ years of being obsessed with figuring out the swing. My method was to study the best hitters and test different hypotheses myself. 

Here I am in the news in 2001. I’ve been at this a long time.  

My mission is to change baseball swing instruction. I’m 100% confident that Swing Cheat  Code will completely change how players and coaches teach the swing at all levels. In fact,  Swing Cheat Code will end the game of swing mechanics, meaning there won’t be a  question anymore of what mechanics are best or how to achieve them. It will be understood  that the baseball swing has been figured out. 

Jump on board now. Once everyone knows the secret to the swing, the opportunity will be gone. 

Whether you're in little league or pro ball, Swing Cheat Code has the information you need to  become the most dominant hitter in your league. Make the best single decision for your baseball career by filling out the information on this page now and getting your free copy of Swing Cheat Code in the mail.

“As a former Major League player and a youth coach for the past 13 years, I have seen hundreds of techniques and coaching systems. None of them have produced the results as quickly as Jaime’s methods. He has figured it out.”

—Pat Combs, former MLB player, Philadelphia Phillies

“If only god can make a great hitter, does that make Jaime god?”

— Tim Ferriss, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Jaime is way ahead of the game with his knowledge of the swing.”

— Ben Zobrist, Major League Baseball World Series Champion and All Star

“Ted Williams once famously remarked, ‘Hitting a baseball is the hardest thing  to do in sports’...Jaime Cevallos has made it his life’s mission to conquer the unconquerable.”

— The Star Telegram

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